Merrol Hyde Magnet



S     SAT Reasoning Test

S      SAT Subject Tests


R     Range of scores is 200 to 800 on each test

        Areas tested – Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing

         Cost is  Approx. $49 (depending on what you want)
         Subject Tests $22.00, $10 per additional test

         Register by deadline – best to register online at www.sat.collegeboard.org

          Send scores directly to colleges or institutions

          School Code is 430-893(AKA: CEEB Code)

This test is a three-hour multiple-choice test which measures verbal and mathematical reasoning.  These skills are directly related to success in college.  The verbal score indicates word understanding, skill with word and thought relationships, and the ability to read with understanding.  The mathematics score measures the ability to handle numbers and to reason quantitatively.  Scores range from 200 to 800.  These scores are used in conjunction with the student’s secondary school achievement record for admissions.

Students are urged to refer to the College Board publications which are available in the guidance office.  A complete list of the tests and testing dates which are offered are listed in these publications.  It is extremely important to be aware of the testing deadlines for registration as the cost increases significantly for late or walk-in registrations and the student cannot be assured that there will be room in their first choice testing site.


 Given at school for a cost of $16.00

      Administered to all 10th and 11th graders

         10th grade serves as practice test for National Merit Scholars


11     11th grade serves as qualifier test for National Merit Scholars

This test is administered in October to sophomores who are academically prepared to take the test and to juniors.  The PSAT has the same format as the SAT.  It is a two-hour test measuring verbal and mathematical reasoning ability.  This test is a useful practice test and as an early indicator of scoring on the SAT.  This will assist students in identifying colleges for which they may be qualified.  It allows the student, with his/her permission, to participate in the student search process, which allows the student’s name and scores to be sent to colleges throughout the United States. Finally, it enters the student in the competition for scholarships and letters of commendation awarded through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which co-sponsors the PSAT.

Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is committed to excellence in K-12 education by utilizing the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child - body, mind, and spirit - while encouraging and nurturing a life long love of learning.

Merrol Hyde Magnet is an academic magnet school with an emphasis in foreign language.  Rigor and challenge at an accelerated pace are expected and embedded in our curriculum.