At MHMS, we are always looking for strategies to optimize our students’ success. After years of observation and discussion, we found that many of our students need direction in choosing reading selections that are appropriate for their grade and ability levels. MHMS has high expectations for a strong educational experience, and we believe that the implementation of Reading Enrichment will best serve our students.

Enrichment means “to improve or enhance the quality or value of.” As all of our students are at or above grade level in their reading, we want to enrich their reading with literature and informational text that is challenging and valuable. As part of the Paideia philosophy, we employ a classical education. With that, one would expect elementary students to be knowledgeable of modern classic and award-winning literature. Our goal is for students to incorporate classic and award-winning literature, as well as informational texts and poetry that support the curriculum, into their reading adventures.  Our Reading Enrichment list is dynamic; therefore, texts and other classic literature will be added in the future. 

Second through fifth grade students will be required to read three books each nine weeks: two from our MHMS Reading Enrichment List and one appropriate non-fiction text. Students will take a short, computer-based reading comprehension quiz in the library after finishing each book. At the end of each nine weeks, the three scores will be averaged into the student’s Reading gradeas amajor test score.  Our list of titles to be tested can be found on the school website and in the school library. They are also provided to each child. 

Students will each receive a list of fiction titles the first nine weeks. Books may be read to or with children as well as independently by the student. Also, students may listen to audiobooks.  A good source to use for book information is  Open, then type the title of the book into Quick Search. To see if a book is available in the MHMS library, go to, scroll to Merrol Hyde Magnet School, click on Display and enter the necessary information in the Search box.

We must work as a team to make our MHMS Reading Enrichment experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Although teacher/library collaboration has been and is essential in our success, the program is managed solely by the Elementary Library.  Therefore, if you have questions or concerns about the MHMS Reading Enrichment program, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

 Each 9 weeks, two books are to be read and quizzed on from the Reading Enrichment list. One book each 9 weeks is to be a non-fiction title at or above grade level (ATOS BL) and appropriate interest level.





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