Dear Hawk Family,

I am excited to invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make our school even better!  We have the unprecedented chance to make $250,000 worth of improvements to our campus this school year!  How?  We need to contribute $100,000 as soon as possible, and our school district will double that investment, plus add $50,000.  The best part is that we could begin with construction/renovation as early as November, provided we have raised a significant portion of our $100,000 goal.

I am committing to making sure our funds are spent so that every single MHMS student—even those who don’t yet play a sport—can benefit from these athletic facilities.  Here is our ambitious list of the major projects:

  1. Fence the campus to prevent people “cutting through” during the day (security)

  2. Refinish the lower gym floor for elementary PE, recess, and community use

  3. Install a sidewalk from the entrance to the soccer stadium to the concessions/restrooms

  4. Install and border a 1-mile cross country loop around the campus

  5. Install permanent bleachers in the soccer stadium

  6. Renovate the old locker rooms in the elementary wing to be used by more school groups

  7. Upgrade scoreboards in the new/upper gym in readiness for new requirements

  8. Various other smaller projects

So how can you help?  Obviously, we need to raise our portion of the funds as soon as possible.  With 664 students, it breaks down to $150/student.  We have formed a committee to make the fundraising as transparent and enjoyable as possible.  We want to be seen as a community school, so some of our plans will target our larger county and community.  I am asking for a combined investment of $175 to be donated in any of the following ways:

  1. $20 ticket to MHMS 10-Pin Bowling Challenge (Nov 6, 2016; (

  2. $75 ticket to the “Hawk Hootenanny”—a singer-songwriter event (Jan 20, 2017; (

  3. $100 entry fee to the 1st annual Hawk Heritage golf tournament (Apr 10, 2017; (

  4. An individual, tax-deductible donation to MHMS or the Facilities Improvements Committee

  5. A business or corporate donation to MHMS or the Facilities Improvements Committee

Our aggressive donation campaign will kick off today and run through September 30.  Tickets will be available through the event dates.  You may send in donations to the office, clearly marked with your student’s full name and designation (# of tickets, general donation, etc.).  We will also be emailing you a link ( where you can get more details on the events and pay online.  We are happy to provide individuals and businesses with receipts for tax purposes upon request.

Please consider how you can help with this one-time donation.  I am excited about how your child will benefit from these improvements, even if he or she doesn’t yet play a sport or are about to graduate.  I will send out periodic updates on our progress.

Darren Frank, Principal              Keith Steiner, ABC President            Windy Robinson, PTO President

Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is committed to excellence in K-12 education by utilizing the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child - body, mind, and spirit - while encouraging and nurturing a life long love of learning.

Merrol Hyde Magnet is an academic magnet school with an emphasis in foreign language.  Rigor and challenge at an accelerated pace are expected and embedded in our curriculum.