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  • Science Olympiad
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Welcome to Merrol Hyde Student Life - Educating the Whole Child

A quality education includes learning about the world in which we live, both near and far.  At MHMS, Student Life is an integral part of our K-12 culture and reflects the "spirit" that is part of our Paideia philosophy.  

Clubs at MHMS

Student life happens on campus through various clubs and organizations, many of which were proposed by students.   Explore the Clubs at MHMS

Community Service 

Student life also happens within our community through service projects and volunteer work.  MHMS graduates average nearly 100 hours of community service which also earns them the designation of being a Tennessee Scholar.  Like clubs, all of our school service projects are planned and organized by students.

The MHMS Pillar System

The MHMS Pillar system inducts high school students into 1 of 4 Pillars for their high school career. Athena, Artemis, Apollo, and Poseidon—the 4 Pillars—compete throughout the year in friendly games, projects, dress up days, and other aspects of campus life. Read more about the PIllar System at Merrol Hyde

Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a unique, K-12 learning community that uses the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child--mind, body, and spirit--to meet the needs of students.  We will provide intentional, rigorous, accelerated college-preparatory instruction focused on humanities and critical and creative thinking.

We will create a collaborative community where students and teachers actively engage in continual growth and learning, seek out and civilly discuss diverse ideas and values, and pursue solutions to enrich their lives and the lives of others.