To order your elementary student's 2017-2018 school supplies online and have them shipped directly to the school by registration day, go to  

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Kindergarten 2016-2017

1st Grade 2016-2017

2nd Grade 2016-2017

3rd Grade 2016-2017

4th Grade 2016-2017 

5th Grade 2016-2017

All 2nd-5th graders will need a Recorder for music class.  If you do not already have one, or access to one from a previous student, you can order the "soprano halo recorder"- P6000 from

Here's the link for the specific recorder:


6th Grade Supply list

7th Grade Supply list

8th grade math 



8th ELA, 10th Grade British Lit., and 11th Grade American Lit. Supply Lists:

1 and 1/2" binder of any color (with a clear protector on the front that a sheet of printer paper could be inserted into)

4 binder dividers of any color

4 highlighters -- blue, pink, yellow, and green

1 pack of loose leaf paper

Pens and pencils:  I actually prefer that students write in pen during daily work (all papers will be typed), but please make them DARK pen colors -- blue, black, dark purple, dark green -- NO light pen colors

6th and 8th grade Spanish, Spanish I, Spanish II 

8th grade Social Studies

Bio I and 8th Grade Science

  • 1"-1.5” 3-ring binder for science work
  • 1 composition notebook
  • Helpful donations:  Kleenex and/or Disinfectant Wipes √

MS/HS Theatre

Latin (all levels)
3 Ring Binder
Standard size clipboard

Chinese (all levels)

Mrs. Williamson's English & Yearbook classes

Pre-Cal, Alg II, AP Cal -  Mrs Perry 

Chemistry I, Chemistry II/AP Chem, Biology II

Folder or 3 ring binder
Graph paper
Scientific or graphing calculator

Spanish III, IV, AP Spanish 

AV Production, Info Tech, Web Design and MS Computer Applications

Marketing Classes 


Middle / High School

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