Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Merrol Hyde Magnet School, established in 2003, is in Sumner County, Hendersonville, Tennessee.  MHMS draws students from all over Sumner County, including Gallatin, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Portland, Westmoreland, White House, and Bethpage. Hendersonville is a suburb of Nashville, located on Old Hickory Lake, with a population of 60,000. The Sumner County School System of which Hendersonville is a part, is under the direction of the Sumner County Board of Education. Twenty-three elementary schools, nine middle schools, eight high schools, one academic magnet school, and Volunteer State Community College, a two-year, state supported institution, serve the county.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a traditional academic school with a focus on foreign language. It is accredited by the Tennessee Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. MHMS has a school enrollment of approximately 650 in grades K-12 and utilizes the Paideia philosophy. To be eligible for admission, students must meet a selection criterion of 85 percentile or higher in reading, language, and math on a nationally normed standardized entrance exam. Therefore, students are in the top 15% of their class before coming to MHMS. Once attending MHMS, the students must successfully complete the school's challenging coursework.

Preparing Graduates

At Merrol Hyde, elementary students are encouraged to challenge themselves.  Beginning in kindergarten, all children learn both Spanish and French languages.  Being a K-12 school provides opportunities to interact in an academic setting with middle and high school students as well as, building connections, setting expectations, and instilling at a young age the value of a quality education. 

Engaging Minds

To help our students grow into thoughtful, productive citizens, Merrol Hyde practices the Paideia teaching philosophy. In addition to conventional classroom instruction, students regularly participate in Socratic dialogues called seminars, delving deeper into the values and issues presented in the curriculum.  Large-scale coached projects give students a chance to synthesize and apply learning in a real and relevant way.

Developing Character

Merrol Hyde students enjoy "living above the line." Working together across curriculum and across grade levels, children from different backgrounds learn to interact in a healthy, positive environment. The guidance staff, faculty, and administration convey high expectations to the student body, that it is never too early to start on the path to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a unique, K-12 learning community that uses the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child--mind, body, and spirit--to meet the needs of students.  We will provide intentional, rigorous, accelerated college-preparatory instruction focused on humanities and critical and creative thinking.

We will create a collaborative community where students and teachers actively engage in continual growth and learning, seek out and civilly discuss diverse ideas and values, and pursue solutions to enrich their lives and the lives of others.