Merrol Hyde Magnet School

*REVISED July 22, 2021

Dear Hawk Community and Families,

The 2021-2022 school year is just around the corner, and the teachers and I are so excited to welcome you to MHMS! As we continue to make our school and campus the best it can be, you will notice some changes when you return, as well as some other exciting changes planned throughout the year.

With the prior school year still fresh in our minds, I want to share what you can expect at MHMS with respect to the still current and very real presence of COVID in our world. You are probably aware of the ever-changing laws, guidelines, and recommendations for individual health and safety. MHMS will adhere closely to those structures that are given to us by the state and our district. We will also continue to exercise common sense and respect at the building level so every student and family feels safe and valued every day at MHMS. Below are some practices you and your student can expect as we begin this school year.

As always, we are stronger together. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Proud to be a Hawk!

Mr. Frank

Click below to read more about the practices you and your student can expect as we begin this school year.


Masks are not required for teachers, students, or visitors. We understand that some students may still have a higher risk within their families; therefore, we will respect any student or adult who chooses to wear a mask in school. I will make an announcement on the first day of school about this with my expectations and support for all students

Social Distancing, Temperature Checks, and Size of Gatherings

We will no longer conduct temperature checks for all students during the day. Any student who comes to the clinic may have his/her temperature checked as routine by Nurse Melanie. Since all students will be
learning in classes full time, we cannot guarantee a certain distance between students in all classroom situations. If a student would like consideration to be seated in a certain fashion, I am more than happy to work with him/her to make that happen where possible. For the 21-22 school year, there will be no limit on size of gatherings, and we are excited to have visitors back into our building to see our students shine!

Quarantine, Contact Tracing, and Attendance

Our school district has decided to move back to the attendance protocol from prior years without a distinction for quarantine. The school will no longer contact trace students; that will be done by the Health Department according to their guidelines. In general, students are allowed a total of 5 absences that can be excused for any reason by a parent note. Absences beyond 5 must be verified by a doctor or health professional, including dentist, allergist, specialist, etc., and for family emergencies such as funerals. Any absence outside of the 5 parent excused days or days verified by a professional will be considered unexcused. If a student has an extenuating circumstance, or must quarantine under the direction of a health professional, the parent or guardian should contact Mr. Frank to work through absences.

Google Classroom, Zoom, and Virtual Learning

Teachers will maintain a Google Classroom for their classes. However, it will not take the place of in-person instruction and learning. Teachers will not host zoom or live virtual lessons, nor are they expected to record any lessons for asynchronous viewing. Students who are absent related to COVID will have access to their teachers through Google classroom. More detailed information will be shared through your child’s teachers in August. Students absent for other reasons will receive their make-up work upon returning to school so that they can receive the instructional support from their teacher. A full description of the attendance and make-up work policy is in the student/family handbook.

Visitors to MHMS

We are so excited to welcome visitors back to campus! This includes
elementary parents who join their child for special occasions at lunch, parent helpers in classrooms, guest speakers and presenters, spectators and fans to sports events, and audience members for plays, concerts, and other presentations. We are already planning several family engagement events and will share those out as soon as we have them scheduled. Please refer to the student/family handbook for more information.


Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is committed to excellence in K-12 education by utilizing the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child - body, mind, and spirit - while encouraging and nurturing a life long love of learning.

Merrol Hyde Magnet is an academic magnet school with an emphasis in foreign language.  Rigor and challenge at an accelerated pace are expected and embedded in our curriculum.