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Check each college for specific requirements about the SAT or ACT.  Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of your schools of choice regarding the SAT II.  Plan to take those tests as soon as possible after you have finished that area of study.

Remember that it takes six weeks from the test date before you receive your test results.  Make sure that your schools of choice receive your test results on time.

You must request that the College Board or the American College Testing Service forward your test scores directly to your schools of choice.  Only the student can request that the scores be sent.

If you have more schools or scholarship programs to send your scores to than are listed, answer the appropriate item on the registration form that you receive in the mail or use the Additional Report Request Form. 


Limited standby (walk-in) registration accommodates students who are unable to meet registration deadlines.  Walk-in candidates must bring the following to the test center:

1.      A completed registration form in its envelope.

2.      A check or money order (no cash) for the test fee and the special walk-in fee.

3.      Proper identification, such as driver’s license or a photo ID card.



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Q and A for College Admissions Tests

How do I know which college admission test to take?

It is recommended that students take the SAT or the ACT at least twice.  Many colleges will accept scores from either test.  To find out which test a college would prefer, refer to one of the several college resource books, the specific college view book or website, or contact the college admissions office.  Students who may pursue trade schools, military service or community college, are not usually required to take the SAT tests.


How do I prepare for the tests?

Actually, you have been preparing throughout your entire life.  Students who have done an extensive amount of reading for pleasure and who have taken challenging courses, especially while in high school, are usually well-prepared.  Your counselor can furnish you with publications entitled "Taking the SAT" or "Preparing for the ACT Assessment."  Each of these publications describes the test, gives test-taking tips, and contains an actual test that was given previously.  You should take the test using the time allotted for each section and then score yourself using the answer table provided.


What about taking admission test preparation courses?

In general, preparation courses will help to review skills in math and language arts that you have not been exposed to for a period of time.  The course may also help you to identify or improve test-taking skills and become familiar with the format of the test.  Short-term "cram courses" are not likely to improve abilities.  Your abilities are relative to the effort and time you spend on the subject matter.  Long-term courses that develop abilities in a particular area may have a greater effect on test results.  There are also computer programs and test preparation books that some individuals find helpful.


When should I take the tests? 

Take the ACT/SAT for the first time in the fall of your junior year in high school.  The state of TN will pay for the Spring ACT during your Junior year.  If you are not able to take the tests at these times, plan on taking them in the fall of your senior year. Most colleges and universities expect you to take the ACT/SAT's in October or November of your senior year.


May I only take the tests once?

No, you may take them as often as you wish.  In fact, most colleges will accept your best composite score on the ACT or your best critical reading, math and writing scores on the SAT, even though the scores may be from different test dates.


I've heard about SAT Subject Tests--What are they?

Some colleges require SAT Subject Tests to give them a more adequate picture of what you have learned in specific areas.  Check in college reference books or with your guidance counselor during your junior year to see if SAT Subject Tests are required for entrance.  If so, colleges usually recommend a test in English Composition, Math Level I or II, and one in an area of your choice.  You may take one, two, or three on the same day.  It is wise to take the SAT Subject Tests of your choice soon after completing an in-depth study in the particular subject. Register for the SAT tests at www.sat.collegeboard.comor use the SAT Registration Guide, which is available in the Guidance Office.


How do colleges receive my scores?

When registering, you may identify the colleges where you want your scores sent.  If you would prefer to have your scores sent at a later date go to www.collegeboard.com.


How are the tests given?

The tests are given nationally on specific dates available at www.collegeboard.comor in the Guidance Office. 


Making the grade: Inside the college admissions process

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