Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Government Club includes Model United Nations and Youth Legislature, which are organizations available to all high school students at MHMS. Model UN meets in the fall and Youth Legislature meets in the spring.

Model United Nations is a club at MHMS, sponsored by the YMCA’s Center for Civic Engagement, that allowing students to become mock delegates for a certain country, (usually not their home country). The students are presented with a social, economic, political or environmental issue and are expected to come up with a reasonable solution to the issue while following the rules and beliefs of the country they are representing. The delegates from each country will debate and hopefully come to a solution that will benefit the country and the region or world. Students competing in the Model UN fall 3 day conference, are expected to research issues, write papers, and compose a formal resolution all while showing allegiance to the country they are representing. Model United Nations helps students build skills such as debate, research, public speaking, and problem solving. Students that participate in Model United Nations are exposed to problems that exist outside of their own country and develop a sense of awareness that will stay with them their whole life.

Youth Legislature is a spring event, much like Model UN, that culminates in a 4 day conference in downtown Nashville. At Youth Legislature, students create a bill, much like one created by a TN state legislator or senator. These bills require intense research, dedication, and a passion for state government. Students will debate their bill at the TN state capitol. Along with legislators and senators, students may also play the part of justices, lawyers and other government officials.

Both Model UN and Youth Legislature allow students to meet other students from all over the state of Tennessee. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so fun is also a part of these conferences. Dances, games, eating out, staying in a hotel, and learning to personally responsible are all parts of the conferences. Interested students should contact Mrs. Howard and ask her how to get involved.


Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a unique, K-12 learning community that uses the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child--mind, body, and spirit--to meet the needs of students.  We will provide intentional, rigorous, accelerated college-preparatory instruction focused on humanities and critical and creative thinking.

We will create a collaborative community where students and teachers actively engage in continual growth and learning, seek out and civilly discuss diverse ideas and values, and pursue solutions to enrich their lives and the lives of others.