Merrol Hyde Magnet School

Mission Statement

The Merrol Hyde Magnet School Athletic Booster Club exists as a support group to encourage parent, family and community participation in MHMS athletic events, to foster sportsmanship and ethical conduct, and to raise funds to enhance and expand MHMS athletic programs that are available to each individual student.


We must remember at all times that we are visible representatives of Merrol Hyde Magnet School and that our behavior reflects on the image and integrity of the school and its student-athletes. We believe that we should win with humility…lose with grace…and do both with dignity.

An athletic contest is only a game…it is not a matter of life or death and should be placed in the proper perspective. Good sportsmanship and fair play will do much more to further the goals, ideals and image of Merrol Hyde Magnet School than an undefeated season or great won-loss record.

For more information, please review our Code of Conduct.

Merrol Hyde Booster Club Board


President:  Ashley Oaks 

Treasurer – Keith Lewis 

Secretary:  Deanna Johnson  

Membership: Kristi Gumm

Merchandising Coordinator: Cass Condra 

Soccer Field Oversight:  Ken Flatt

Board Member: Amy Bentley, Zack Zettergran

Important Documents

ABC Membership Application

MHMS Athletic Booster Club, Inc. Charter

MHMS Athletic Booster Club, Inc. By-Laws


Athletic Booster Club Code of Conduct





Shared Vision

Merrol Hyde Magnet School is a unique, K-12 learning community that uses the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child--mind, body, and spirit--to meet the needs of students.  We will provide intentional, rigorous, accelerated college-preparatory instruction focused on humanities and critical and creative thinking.

We will create a collaborative community where students and teachers actively engage in continual growth and learning, seek out and civilly discuss diverse ideas and values, and pursue solutions to enrich their lives and the lives of others.